Sibeliusgade 3B

2100 København Ø across from Svanemøllen St.

About us

The clinic for foot therapy at Svanemøllen station has existed since 1987.

We are state-authorised podiatrists, and we have feet and legs as a specialty. The state authorization is your guarantee that the podiatrist has a recognized education. It also gives a guarantee of the quality of treatment.

Read more about what a state-authorized podiatrist is your guarantee for here.

We have an agreement with the municipalities and our treatment is reimbursable at sygeforsikringen Denmark. Groups 1 and 2 provide supplements for each treatment. The bill is transmitted electronically.

Read more about what we provide subsidies for here.

We issue gift cards.

NB! Please note that dogs and other pets may not be enter the clinic with regard to other customers and allergies.


 Clinic Svanefod

Sibeliusgade 3B

2100 København Ø